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Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: The Top 10 Operator Skins

There are twelve gorgeous and fantastic operator skins available for Call of Duty Mobile. The gamers are given skins that are diverse in every manner by the makers. It’s simple to choose your own preferred and appropriate Operator Skin. Regardless of your preference for High Tech Operator, Skinny, or Bulky.

Users are never let down and may simply locate their preferred skins in the game. This month saw the introduction of COD Mobile Season 6, and the battle pass offers gamers some incredible skins.

Season 6’s Top 10 Operator Skins for COD Mobile

Although the Battle Pass has provided players with some incredible operator skins, users have also not been let down in the slightest by the Crates & Bundles, events, or seasonal tasks. The aesthetic appeal of all the various operator skins that can be ground down has also been lacking. Having said that, the following is my ranking of the top 10 Operator Skins we acquired in season 6.


The Legendary Smuggler and a member of the Give Knights have entered the battle. Every gamer online is really eager to use this incredible operator. Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: The Top 10 Operator Skins

Rosa: The Double Agent

Rosa entered the battle in the third season and went on to become the most incredible and sought-after operator of all time. Obtain her skin as a Double Agent. In Season 6’s Battle Pass.

Seraph: The Killer Angel

This is one of the 54 immortals’ portions. During the Ranked Series’ second season, Seraph was accessible. Her new skin, Seraph – “GraveKiller,” is available in the GraveWalker Draw.

The Captain’s price
It’s the arrival of the greatest fighter in history. One of the greatest operators of all time, Captain Price is now accessible in Season 6’s battle pass.

Soap: Remove

All season 6 Battle Pass holders may get access John “Soap” MacTavish, one of Captain Price’s most dependable allies and a top soldier. Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: The Top 10 Operator Skins

Dempsey Tank: Turned

The former warrior Tank Dempsey got ensnared in the undead realm and became a monster. Take advantage of the Undead Siege Event to get Tank Dempsey’s new “Turned” Operator Skin for free.

Richtofen: The Turned
He was transferred into the zombie world by a device created by the scientist and the warrior. Take advantage of the Aether Hunt Event to get Richtofen’s “Turned” Operator Skin for free.

Lerch: Kick in Penalty
The game has now launched the one-man army and the heartless warrior. In the Season 3 Ranked Series, get the “Penalty” operator skin for free, featuring the character Lerch.

Ronin: The Lone Dragon

At last, the lone Japanese warrior has arrived to support his fellow combatant. Purchase the Lone Dragon Operator Skin of Ronin from the Premier Sportsman Bundle in the store.

Mob Guard Zombie
Not to mention very awesome and scary is the zombie Mob Guard Operator Skin. In the outbreak crate, find the new operator skin Zombie – Mob Guard.

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