You are currently viewing Presenting Call of Duty : Mobile’s New Blackout Map for Battle Royale

Presenting Call of Duty : Mobile’s New Blackout Map for Battle Royale

When Blackout hits, be ready for a whole new Battle Royale experience. It will include the entire map that was previously featured in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4, along with subsequent expansions like Hijacked and Ghost Town.

Make use of, forage, and endure. Call of Duty: Mobile will have Blackout, the first Battle Royale level in the Call of Duty series. Initially shown in Black Ops 4, Blackout has recognizable series landmarks over an expansive terrain that will be meticulously ported to mobile devices, including all subsequent map expansions such as Hijacked and Ghost Town.
On September 22 at 5 PM PT, Call of Duty: Mobile will experience Blackout. Let’s go back to the original map now.

Map of Blackouts Intel

There are several allusions to well-known sites from the Black Ops world in Blackout, including Asylum, Nuketown Island, Firing Range, and even Verrückt. While some regions are just partially based on their recognized landscapes, others are almost exactly like their multiplayer iterations.
Let’s refresh your memory on some of the main areas you’ll see when Blackout launches:
(Estates) Raid
The northernmost identified site on the Blackout map, Estates, is characterized by two homes, one of which is Raid. Battle breaks out in this expansive complex, which was first seen in Call of Duty®: Black Ops II, among the famous sculpture, pool, and basketball court. When things become too hot, go south and keep an eye out on the tense center courtyard.


Array, first seen in the original Black Ops Multiplayer, emerges from the icy tundra and lands in Blackout’s bright sky. The focal point of Array’s large, open space is the center building, which serves as a hub for close-quarters activity. In contrast to its icy counterpart, Array in Blackout has more buildings to investigate around the circular relay station, which may hold some priceless treasure.

Range of Firing

Almost everyone who has played a Black Ops game should be acquainted with this area of the Blackout map. In addition to the well-known center layout with that annoying observation tower, Firing Range has a number of outlying structures and massively lucrative obstacle courses. Firing Range, which is in the middle of the map, is likely to become a hot zone in many matches, so beware.

Nuclear Island

Nuketown, the focal point of the Black Ops series, is granted its own island situated off the western coast of Blackout’s landmass. Nuketown Island has a subterranean network of chambers and tunnels that may be accessed from numerous places, including the bunker behind the blue house. It also extends the fictitious community of the nuclear testing sites above ground.

eerie town

Grab a revolver and walk toward the southeast, close to Turbine, to engage in combat in this authentic wild west setting. Based on the Black Ops 3 Outlaw Multiplayer map, Ghost Town has a large number of two-story buildings strewn over the region, making it an excellent place for snipers and other sharpshooters to take the high ground when a fight begins.

Docks for cargo

Inspired on the Black Ops II Multiplayer level Cargo, the Cargo Docks are located southeast of Nuketown Island. There is a lot of open space between the containers in this location, which promotes long-range gunfights and the strategic use of cover. Even though the main cargo rig has shorted out and isn’t moving containers anymore, there is still treasure laying in and around the stationary containers.
Look out for these well-known spots as well as others when Blackout arrives in Call of Duty: Mobile on September 22 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. When deploying with your team, keep the following advice in mind.

The Top Five Blackout Strategies

  1. Take in the Views. Compared to Isolated, Blackout is a much larger level with a very different gameplay experience. Make sure to explore far and wide whether you’re deploying here for the first time or returning to the field. Your chances of surviving are higher the more you comprehend the layout.
  2. Novel Mechanisms in Well-Known Settings. The distinctive Battle Royale classes in Call of Duty: Mobile provide whole new ways to strategy, even if you’ve previously played Blackout or the maps on which its surroundings are based. Use the Trickster to set up decoys on Nuketown Island; use the Scout’s Sensor Dart to monitor enemy activities in the Firing Range; and, when the amount of incoming damage reaches a certain point, summon a Medic to clean up the mess.
  3. Utilize Your Advantages. While Blackout’s interior combat are often won by Operators equipped with the greatest close- to mid-range weaponry, the open landscape makes it ideal for long-range engagements with Sniper rifles and LMGs. When deciding where to take your next position, always keep the weapons and equipment available in mind. Not happy where you are at? Take a car, then get moving.
  4. Avoid Shyness. Nuclear Waste? Range of Firing? Array? Even if you’ve never been there before, don’t let the fear of these famous sites deter you. Throwing yourself into the fire is the greatest way to gain confidence. When you burn, just remain in line for the next one.
  5. Make plans and communicate. Regardless of your approach, it’s critical that you communicate your intentions to your team, even if they alter as conditions change. You’ll probably be eliminated if you enter Nuketown alone, but if you go there with a well-prepared team? Operators in opposition should be cautious.

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