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[PUBG] Bootcamp is a Good Place to Get Skills; Practice Your Gun Skills Depends on This – GameLoop

Situated in the heart of Sanhok, the Bootcamp offers a plenty of supplies, including easy access to level 3 helmets and a 6x scope. As a result, the Bootcamp gains popularity as a landing spot. It is thus quite simple to gather the resources and kills if you fully use the advantages of the terrain! For the greatest experience, you may try PUBG Mobile on a PC by launching GameLoop. Let’s examine this more closely now!

The peripheral warehouse is a safer place to land, so you won’t have to worry about weapons right away!
The Bootcamp, a Gunslinger favorite location, has gone through a bloody war phase right from the start. Inappropriate landing sites make it simple to land like a box. It is advised that the pals make their initial drop destination one of the three large warehouses to the north of the bootcamp. The companions will find it easy to quickly equip themselves in the spacious and well-stocked warehouse area. The warehouse is filled with bunkers, so even if the enemy is pursuing our partner, we may execute an evasive maneuver to shelter behind one of them. Few people will arrive here since the warehouse is in a somewhat remote location, giving the friend enough time to equip himself. The friends utilize a submachine gun with a high hit rate and rapid firing rate to survive in the warehouse. The Thompson submachine gun and UMP9, for instance, are excellent options.

The ideal environment for long-distance stealth strikes is ambient wilderness

While there is a sizable untouched rain forest outside of Bootcamp, the core of the camp is quite densely inhabited with structures. The friends’ hiding location in the outside region is more hidden because of the scattered boulders, grass, and trees. The friend uses this as cover to launch a surprise assault on the opponent from a distance. Despite the enemy’s arsenal of high-magnification scopes, it is very difficult to locate the friend in time. There are two mountains outside the Bootcamp at the same time. The primary objectives of the bootcamp may be readily reached, including the firing range, and obtaining kills will be simpler if the squad has a sight of at least four times and the rocks and trees on the slope are used as a shooting bunker. However, in order to prevent being singled out by the adversary from a great distance, the friend should also focus on cutting down on frequent jogging in the wilderness.

The adversary is hard to get away from in this corner of the home!

Street combat of all types is a great opportunity given the Bootcamp’s intense development. As soon as the adversary comes into view, a friend may fire at a little angle using the building’s wall. The friend has great shooting safety protection from the tiny angle, which increases the efficiency of collecting kills. In addition, the denser buildings need a larger supply of grenades because of the relatively small aisles, which allow grenades to easily destroy a group of adversaries. When the squad is looking in a building-heavy bootcamp, attempt to choose the dead angle of the fire attack as a concealed place to prevent being killed by several enemy firepower points.

Aside from resources, the roof’s placement is crucial since it is simple to protect!

The Bootcamp’s highest point is located in the most central building. The roof is the ideal site because of the three-story building construction. You may launch an assault on the training base’s key points once you’ve struck the roof. You may shoot the adversary till he becomes a sieve after he emerges. Not only is the training facility roof an excellent location for smashing and shooting, but it’s also a great spot for supplementation. Since the stairs are the only way to reach the roof, the adversary will find it very challenging to go upstairs.

In conclusion, Bootcamp is a hotspot in the jungle where opponents are often encountered. Finding safer shooting locations before firing is particularly crucial if friends are having chicken for supper. If the friends can locate a silencer, that would be great. The shots don’t reveal their combat position, so there’s no reason to be concerned.

In order to avoid becoming a box, the friend must choose a safer peripheral landing site as their favorite landing point while playing the Bootcamp hot area. It also permits the use of both internal and external strategies in the assault position selection, ensuring success.

You can now test them in PUBG Mobile on PC by opening GameLoop and following the guide!

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