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Which mobile game—PUBG or COD—is better for you?

One of the game genres that has long attracted gamers seeking more intensity and thrill in a more realistic setting is first-person shooter games on mobile devices. Two of the greatest shooter games that gamers may spend hours playing with friends are PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. However, which one attracts more attention and is superior in the mobile gaming space. The key components of both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile will be examined in detail in this post so you can choose which to download, set up, and play on your smartphone.

The mechanics of gameplay in COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile

Since shooter games tend to generate more revenues initially, mobile gaming industries have traditionally given particular attention to first-person shooter games. In this instance, PUBGM and CODM established their own niche in the lives of the gamers. Nonetheless, there are variances in the gaming mechanics and disagreements among players over which of these two games is better. The next two paragraphs outline the various mechanics of these two games.

In the mobile gaming sector, PUBGM is more likely to focus on actual battle royale games. In order to survive on the battlefield, players must search for weapons and gather supplies while descending from an aircraft. Another method is seen in the tactical aspects, where players must position themselves well to defeat adversaries. In order to deliver accurate information about any real-world weapon, guns are designed to be more realistic. In the realm of mobile gaming, PUBGM has also joined other games of a similar kind and offers a variety of vehicles to increase your chances of winning that chicken meal!

CODM, in contrast to PUBGM, recommends a quick-paced experience during the BR bouts. On the other hand, CODM was first launched in mobile gaming to play MP matches using a wide range of hardware. There are several multiplayer match modes available. In order to win regular or competitive battles, you may choose from a variety of scorestreaks, loadouts, operator abilities, and top weapon builds. In general, gamers may identify their own preferences that work best for them depending on their requirements and preferred style of gameplay.

Game Modes, Visuals, and Graphics

The visuals and setting of PUBGM and CODM game types vary significantly from each other. PUBGM has often been more realistic in mobile game marketplaces. Battle royale and multiplayer are its two game modes. Because PUBGM has concentrated more on BR matches, this game has a distinct quality in the mobile gaming industry. Nevertheless, MP battles come with a wider range of game types, such war mode, team deathmatch, and gun game. In terms of graphics and imagery, PUBGM tends to focus more on realistic backdrop details and subtleties. PUBGM has always attempted to establish its own tastes for realism in the mobile game industry by paying greater attention to the weather, terrain, trees, and overall visual experience.

Despite having comparable game types, CODM is mainly focused on multiplayer battles that provide players a variety of options to play games like search and destroy, team deathmatch, and dominance. Second spot goes to CODM, which provides a variety of BR modes as Alcatraz, Sniper Challenge Isolated, and many more. However, unlike PUBGM, players will enter ranked battles straight away. Additionally, CODM created a feature called zombie mode, which is exclusive to every game available for mobile devices. In comparison to PUBGM, CODM offers better graphics and visuals since they are focusing more on character and weapon aspects to draw in more players of all ages to the mobile gaming industry with an enticing and breathtaking visual experience.

Environments and Maps

PUBGM has a large number of maps that are exclusive to the BR mode, including Erangel, Karakin, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Nusa, and Livik. Each of which has a unique backdrop that may also be wintry. An metropolitan setting, mountains, rivers, and tunnels provide a more exciting and realistic perspective of reality.

Regardless of its zombie mode, CODM has attempted to focus on both MP and BR maps in the meanwhile in mobile gaming marketplaces. In BR mode, there are three maps available: Blackout, Alcatraz, and Isolated. There is just one map in the zombie mode, Shi No Numa, and it includes three distinct modes: standard, hardcore, and infinite. The habitats provided by CODM are less concentrated in rural and forest regions and more concentrated in metropolitan areas.

Player Base and Community

In the realm of mobile gaming, each of these games has its own following of players that engage in daily gameplay. They may improve their gaming strategy and get more expertise by participating in competitions and Esports events. They participate in discussions on upgrading and refining the game mechanics as well as many other fascinating topics by using social media, streaming services, forums, and in-game chat. PUBGM and CODM are drawing more players to their games by regularly updating their maps, visuals, and even adding new modes, all while offering the opportunity to participate in a wider community thanks to mobile gaming marketplaces. In the realm of mobile gaming, streaming services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Trovo, and others may inform players about what’s going to happen in the game and allow them to engage with other players to exchange tips and tricks.

Personalization and Advancement

With 300 levels of growth, CODM includes its own customization system wherein you may utilize gunsmiths to alter nine components of a weapon to turn it into a close-quarters or long-range weapon. Additionally, as you go through the game, you may choose various operator abilities, scorestreaks, and bonuses in addition to skins.

With its 100-level progression, PUBG Mobile allows players to customize their weaponry in multiplayer games. Nevertheless, since there is no precise customizing mechanism in BR, you must gather various weapon pieces by looting them. It’s noteworthy to note that battle passes, a feature in mobile gaming, allow you to level up more quickly. Free and paid battle passes allow you extra experience points to level up and compete with other max-level players, even if you aren’t playing games to get XP.

Furthermore, each season of both games has time-limited, daily, and seasonal events that provide you extra experience points and other benefits that accelerate your leveling up.

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